House Wiring

House Wiring

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House wiring represents one of the core functions of NESol. All our efforts go into ensuring rural houses and communities become energized. This initiative aims to provide residents in rural areas with an installation starter package of two (2) lights and two (2) plugs, in order to benefit from legal electricity.

We invite all interested persons to participate in this programme and join the many who are benefitting from having their houses wired.

GOJ Revolving House Wiring Programme

The main thrust of this project is the provision of electrical wiring services to householders who can access electrical supply services from the newly erected pole line distribution network. The Programme also engenders financing of the house wiring cost through a loan facility which facilities recovery through the monthly JPS electricity bills.

Householders can obtain a House Wiring Loan by adhering to the following procedures:

  • A conditional agreement is made between NESol and a member of the household.
  • A loan contract is signed and the householder given the original copy.
  • The original copy is brought to the nearest Paymaster and an initial deposit of 10% is paid within two weeks of signing the contract.
  • NESol then implements the house wiring activity.
  • GEI certification of house is obtained.
  • A Copy of the House Wiring Loan Agreement is dispatched to JPS commercial office
  • Loan repayments are recovered on NESol’s behalf by JPS through the customer’s monthly utility bill.

The cost to provide a unit with two lights and two plugs is presently $42,940. Given inflationary factors this amount is increased from time to time. The loan beneficiary is expected to cover ten percent of the cost with the remaining 90% financed as a loan. The following indicate the Financial Plan for the basic 2 lights and 2 plug house wiring that is done by NESol.

Total cost of Installation: $42,940.00Initial deposit: $4,294.00Loan granted: $38,646.00Interest Rate: 0%Repayment Period: 4 yearsMonthly Repayment: $805.00

JPS Loss Reduction House Wiring Project

NESol also collaborates with the JPS in respect of the Loss Reduction Programme. The Loss Reduction Programme is aimed at regularizing electricity supply in inner city communities. Under this programme NESol provides professional house wiring services to the JPS by wiring units that are located in urban areas. Over the years NESol has developed the experience, knowhow and efficiency in dealing with installations in the various urban areas. NESol has wired over 4,000 houses since 2010 under the JPS Loss Reduction Programme.