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After a pole line is constructed residents must be formally advised of the new supply and be advised of procedures to follow in obtaining regular legal connection to the JPS Grid. We at NESol like to refer to this component as the bridge to the ultimate connection. Marketing enables NESol to determine the number of residents that will be connected to the Pole Line. It enables the company to execute contracts with residents for house wiring loan and its subsequent recovery through the monthly JPS bill.


This stage usually involves visitations to rural communities that are in need of electricity to:

  • Provide basic information about house wiring services and subsequent procedures
  • Explain all terms and conditions
  • Establish a conditional agreement between the marketing officer and home owner.

Providing there is a need to clear the path for the installation of power lines, an Easement contract might need to be instituted.


An easement is the right of way secured by JPS to allow the company’s power lines to pass over or under private lands and to construct and maintain certain structures associated with the transmission and distribution of electricity.

In instances where contractors might need to invade private property in order to install power lines, a legally binding agreement is established between the marketing officer and the property owner. An easement contract is also established if trees or other furnishings are within 15 ft. of a pole line.

A well-established Easement will:

  • Include all terms of which the land owner should abide.
  • Outline the compensation for loss and damages.
  • Be registered on the Certificate of Title of the property.