Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan



Our aim is to fulfill a global mandate to accelerate the adoption of solar technology, while still providing the core function of 100% rural electrification for Jamaicans, regularization of urban electrification and diversification of our Engineering Services. Together, this allows for a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.



To empower communities with energy, by providing affordable access to electricity supply while contributing to the nation’s economic growth and development. We aim to be a symbol of the “renewables” future that ignites innovation and creativity guaranteeing quality and affordable services.

Strategic Objective

  • Achieving 100% electrification in Jamaica.
  • Achieving a well-balanced energy mix throughout the island.
  • Facilitating the acceleration in the deployment of renewable energy solutions throughout all sectors of the economy.
  • Building awareness of energy savings methodologies.
  • Facilitating the regularization of urban electrification.
  • Attaining the status of a diversified energy solutions company.
  • Empowering communities with comfort, convenience and access to knowledge in the evolving digital world.