Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

We Conserve Energy.We Preseve Jamaica.

Like many countries around the world, Jamaica grapples with high energy demand, volatile fuel prices and the insecurity of energy supply. In addition to climate change and environmental threats, these challenges have forced the nation to explore alternate sources of energy supply. In 2009, the National Energy Policy, 2009-2030 was presented to the nation as part of the country’s response to the global energy crisis. Within the confines of this policy, a commitment was made to ensure that twenty percent of the country’s energy mix originated from renewable energy sources by the year 2030. Accordingly, the National Renewable Energy Policy was established to provide, inter alia, the policy framework to regulate and facilitate all development in this area.

The Renewable Energy Policy will also create the conditions for the development and commercial implementation of renewable technologies. The Government, through its portfolio Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (MSTEM) committed to adopting a phased, managed and partnership approach to renewable energy projects that are well conceived and show the potential to provide acceptable social, environmental and financial returns for all investors and stakeholders involved – contributing to a more sustainable future for all Jamaicans. The ultimate goal being to make Jamaica a “place of choice, to live, work, raise families and do business”.

Benefits of Renewable

Renewable Energy offers the benefit of being clean and more sustainable. Renewable energy such as solar energy is scalable. In the long run renewable energy is more cost effective and efficient. Solar energy can be brought to the point of usage thereby reducing distribution cost. After recovery of initial capital investment the implementation of renewables will place profits in your pocket. The cost of implementing renewables has been declining over the last few years due largely to technological advances in battery and nanotechnology that has impacted positively on the manufacturing cost of renewable inputs.

NESol’s Thrust Towards Renewable Energy

As an Agency of MSTEM, NESol is also committed to heightening the nation’s awareness to alternate energy solutions. Upon achieving 100% of its mandate to make electricity accessible to all of rural Jamaica, the company has now transitioned from a conventional electrical distribution company to one that has strategically positioned itself to implement renewable technology. This forms part of its new thrust to provide energy solutions to individuals and companies embarking on any form of renewable and conventional energy project.

The company’s renewable thrust will be first directed at a number of government institutions. NESol has already embarked on a project to provide renewable energy solution to a major national institution. The Project entailed the completion of an energy audit which will be followed by the process of design, procurement and installation. In early July 2015 the company prepared and dispatched a RFP for professional services for the design of a solar photovoltaic Grid Tie solution for the facility.

The company has commenced discussion with another government institution for the implementation of a renewable solution for the facility.

Make the Transition to Renewable Energy Today

Government institutions that are interested in realizing energy savings through the adoption of renewable energy solutions are invited to contact us immediately. NESol is ready to provide you with the information that you need that will propel you to make that decision to adopt cutting edge renewable solutions for your organization.
Please complete the Request for Renewable Energy Solutions Form to indicate your interest in a solution.

Renewable Energy