Who We Are

Who We Are

We Conserve Energy.We Preseve Jamaica.


Rural Electrification Programme (REP) rebranded to National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL) is transformed from a conventional electrical distribution company to company that will provide energy solutions to individuals and entities embarking on any form of renewable and conventional energy project.

NESOL is the central government agency that acts as a hub for the management, evaluation and implementation of all renewable projects while still executing the functions that related to the conventional electrical distribution system. NESOL will plays an overarching role as it relates to the following:

The agency that promote and encourage private investors and governmental institutions to adopt innovative technology to save energy.

We promote the deployment of these new technologies into commercial institutions and the society at large.

We promote ways to ensure the reduction of electricity costs in Jamaica.

Mount technology research, development, and demonstration programmes with the strategic partners.

These programmes will inter-alia include renewables such as solar and wind and hydro. We continue to work with strategic partners for the design and implementation of conventional energy systems and encourage inbuilt renewable energy systems in the design and implementation of new housing developments.

i. Identify through research the various untapped areas in Jamaica that are most suitable and conducive for the various types of large scale renewable projects.

NETSOL will design, Develop and Implement Solar Energy Projects for rural communities, commercial organizations and government institutions. We continue to conduct energy Audits to ensure energy savings solutions are implemented. We remain a strategic partner of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). (To include why we are going renewable)

REP was incorporated in 1975 with the specific mandate to expand the reach of electricity supply to rural areas, where the provision of such services would not be economically viable for commercial providers of electricity. The REP constructs electrical distribution pole line in electrified areas and provides house wiring assistance through a loan programme to householders.

Through a Revolving Fund, the REP also offers house wiring assistance to householders in electrified areas. The mandate of the REP was expanded in 2003 to include the Urban Electrification Regularization Programme, aimed at minimizing unauthorized connection in urban communities.

The REP now seeks to accelerate the implementation of its programmes and to aid in the implementation of creative and efficient energy strategies. The REP also seeks to diversify its activities to generate additional revenues in order to ensure the continued sustainability of its programmes.